Dog Bone Horizontal


Dog owner’s sure do love their fur babies who become real members of the family so to honour Man’s/Woman’s Best Friend, we are pleased to offer a brand-new crystal in the shape of a bone.  There is only one size which can go either vertically or horizontally based on your picture.  Backgrounds are removed for free or can remain and text engraving of the dog’s name can always be added.  Comes in a nice fitted satin lined gift box like all of our products.

  • Customize

    • Compatible file extensions to upload: jpg, jpeg, png, gif
    • Backgrounds are REMOVED. Feel free to ZOOM IN to the person's faces.
    • Proudly Local

    • 15 $

    Add a Light Base

    • 51 $
    • 0 $

    Choose Accessories + Add-Ons (Optional)

    Add heart keychain copies

    • 25 $

    Add rectangle keychain copies

    • 15 $
    • $
    • 15 $
    • 25 $
    • 50 $
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