3D Crystal Urn


In loving memory of those who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, their light still remains within us. Our 3D Crystal Candle/ Urn offers a display in remembrance of their eternal light and love that will come with 2 tealight candles and 2 cylindrical self-adhesive cover tops as an option to place their ashes inside. Backgrounds are REMOVED and the photo is ZOOMED in close to the face to show off your precious photo.

  • Customize

    • Compatible file extensions to upload: jpg, jpeg, png, gif
    • Backgrounds are REMOVED. Feel free to ZOOM IN to the person's faces.
    • Proudly Local

    • 15 $

    Add a Light Base

    • 51 $
    • 0 $

    Choose Accessories + Add-Ons (Optional)

    Add heart keychain copies

    • 25 $

    Add rectangle keychain copies

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